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WordPress powers 30% of the internet. It makes building a high quality, clean, and intuitive website easy. It allows site owners high levels of control and allows for amazing content. You use it for your own website, right?

The problem is seo friendly web hosting and support. How will you find room in your budget to manage your WordPress site the way you want it?

Of course, you can manage the site on your own. It’s possible. But who has the time for that while running a business? Is that another skill you want to learn?

While you want a universal and powerful tool like WordPress to run your site, you have a business to run. Managing a site with WordPress can be a full-time job. In fact, it is.

Many of the larger websites powered by WordPress have one or more full time employees making more than $100k per year just supporting and maintaining the site. Their sole job is WordPress support. .

How many $100k per year employees can your business support? If you’re like most businesses, the answer is “not many”.

Most small businesses simply can’t afford $100k+ for a web hosting expert or two to run their site, but they need to have the power of WordPress to manage it.

So, what is a business owner to do? You need WordPress. You can’t afford a full-time employee for $100k per year, besides, would you really need a full-time employee?

Good to hear.

The good (and bad) thing about WordPress is its constantly evolving. There has been an update for WordPress on average every two weeks for the last decade. There were 18 updates in 2018. There have been 16 updates in the first half of 2019 alone! The maintenance never stops.
It is nice to know WordPress is constantly evolving. You know WordPress is doing everything they can to make sure your site is up to date, safe, fast, and easy to use. Your site and your business are constantly evolving too. You have a new project or service to add. You have more pages to add to the site. You have security to update. With all this going on, how can you possibly keep up?

    What happens if a new plugin causes a problem?

    What if your site gets hacked?

    How can you be sure your site is running as quickly and securely as possible so you don’t lose traffic?

    How much time do you have for all this?

    Radiata Solutionshas the answer for you.

    No full-time employees. No full-time employee expenses. Support when you need it. No managing people, time off, personalities. Just use the service when you need it.

    Sounds great right? Well it gets better. The cost is over 90% LESS than having a full-time staff member manage your web hosting and 0% of the headache of having another employee.

    Having a full-time employee managing WordPress can be a great option for those who have the extra cash to pay for it. But even if you have the extra cash, it can be risky.
    Every time you hire an employee, it comes with some risk:


    Are they actually going to be good at their job?


    Are you paying the proper market rate in order to get the best talent?


    This is a lot of money to spend, how do I know they will at least pay for themselves?


    Will they get along with the rest of the team?


    How does this employee add to the current culture of the business?


    At Radiata Solutions, we handle all the WordPress maintenance for you. We are a one stop shop for all things WordPress. This way you don’t have to be the expert on WordPress. You get to focus on being an expert on your business. We take care of Plugins, Security, Updates, Backup, Development, etc. for one low monthly rate. This allows you to focus on running your business.

    Yes, there are other WordPress providers out there. You have options. Here is why we are the best:


    Our pricing is transparent - You know what you are getting without any hidden fees, upsell, or “gotcha” charges.


    We are full service – You get everything you need in one place. No need to spend time searching for someone else. If it’s WordPress, we handle it.


    ou get the personalized service you need – We handle everything for you.

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