Web Design Essentials for 2022

The world of web design is changing, and it is changing rather quickly. Read on to discover ways you may be missing out on powerful ways your business can compete, stay relevant, and grow.

Let’s start with some fun facts!

One thing we know is our attention spans are getting shorter! 88% of users will access your website for the first time from their mobile devices and recent data notes that you have less than 10 seconds to genuinely capture the interest of your audience.

  • Is your site is responsive across several devices?
  • Is it a fun and seamless experience for your customers?

Brand Development and Web Design Statistics say companies should rebrand every 7-10 years. In fact, top companies rebrand their sites every 2-3 years to maintain relevance and confidently compete in their industry. Take a look at Coca-Cola or McDonalds. They’ve rebranded dozens of times over the last 130 years while still being consistent with their signature presence thus keeping their customers intrigued and engaged.

  • Have you ever rebranded, or thought about rebranding your business to fit your current industry?
  • Is there anything you don’t like, or would like to change about your business or how people interact with your website?
  • Do you have clearly defined Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals? Have they changed?

Statistics from The Search Engine Journal indicate that 81% of users will think less of a business if it’s on an outdated website. Still, we’ve all seen an old website that seems to have come straight out of the 1990’s.

  • What is your initial reaction, or feeling when you navigate through an outdated site? 
  • Does it instill trust or confidence that they can deliver what you need?
  • When was the last time you updated your site?
  • Does everything on your site function as intended?

Most people may think that they know their customer, but this is far from true. Companies like Blockbuster do not go out of business because of surface level issues. They go out of business because they forget who their customers are and don’t adapt to their needs. If you are looking to design a fantastic website, you need to ensure that you are regularly adapting to the needs of your customer.

  • Do you know your target audience?
  • What are your competitors doing?
  • Has your industry shifted technologically?

UX/UI – What You Need to Know

UX refers to User Experience, and UI refers to User Interface. They may sound similar, but they actually perform two very different functions. UX/UI design is quickly being recognized as an imperative step in website development. In 2022, we will be seeing its use in almost everything we use.

The main purpose for UX design is to ensure the product designed is usable, enjoyable, and accessible. Creating equitable designs is a highlight that has been overlooked for years, but is now essential. An example of UX design would be having a quick and accessible way to adjust the size of text as you read from your phone. Something like this enhances the user’s experience so they enjoy it equitably. 

Creating the UI is specifically geared towards the visual elements in design. For example, creating buttons that automate when hovered or clicked. Creating uniquely branded elements ensures a successful delivery of your brand messaging.

As you can see, these are both different, but they work together to provide a fun, simple, and seamless experience for users. When you integrate a robust and up to date UX/UI, it will result in a level of modern aesthetic, competency and increased positive engagement.

Checking Off the Essentials

In order to compete and grow in 2022, review these essential web design standards. Remember that it is not about leading the pack when it comes to design, it’s about providing the best experience for your audience.

  • Regularly audit and update your site
  • Remain consistent throughout your brand
  • Integrate new technologies and trends
  • Know your target audience
  • Know what your competitors are doing
  • Invest in an excellent UX/UI design

Whatever situation you’re in, the ultimate goal is to have a positive and trustworthy online presence, and ensure your audience understands your message. By investing in your business and implementing these design essentials, you will be sure to keep your customers coming back for 130 years.

Are you ready to level up in 2022? The Branding and Web Design team at Radiata Solutions is ready and excited to help develop your custom strategy to achieve your goals! Contact us today for a free consultation!