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Whether you’re building a new business blog or looking to reach more of your customers, having the right tools in place is essential and it all begins with website optimization services. Website optimization goes beyond simple keyword insertion. It goes beyond title tags. Although, both of these are still an essential part of SEO.

With the right SEO in place, your business shines.

SEO helps transform your business into an industry authority. It reaches and teaches. It generates more interest and garners more leads. It even provokes thought leadership. The right SEO levels up your business to help you grow bigger and farther and, if you opt to use an SEO expert, it does this through a combination of technique, professional skill, and proven experience. SEO raises your website visibility by applying the right tools at the right time and while it begins with a well-chosen keyword, it doesn’t stop there.

SEO goes beyond keyword density

It used to be that you could insert a keyword or keyword phrase into your content many times to boost your page visibility on the search engine results page. That time is past, and it really didn’t make sense anyway because what usually happened was a reader’s nightmare. You’d have content — good, bad or ‘meh,’ and then you’d have a keyword phrase like “find dentist in Atlanta, GA” inserted about a gazillion times or so, regardless of how it impacted readability. In fact, that black hat SEO tactic knocked readability right out the window.

Reading content with massive keyword density was awful. Then, Google algorithms changed and websites and blogs that carried content with a dense keyword population were penalized. Marketers and businesses had to find a new way, a better way to optimize their website and content for SEO, but with a focus on the reader, which turns out to be a beautiful thing. After all, what’s the point in having content if no one wants to read it, right?

Now, you can optimize your website copy and content in many different ways. Some of these ways include
(but are not limited to) the following:

  • Keywords
  • Good Internal and external backlinks
  • Title width (the length of your title matters)
  • Title tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Alt image text
  • Search tags (this one is a little more controversial among today’s marketers)
  • Readability

Did you notice that last one? Exactly!

Time has shown that readability matters for your SEO. So, if you’re planning on building out optimized content, make sure you also opt for quality content over quantity.

As it turns out, great content — content that reads well and resonates with your audience, matters far more than stuffing ‘okay’ content with a bunch of keywords. This has an even greater impact when you’re building a blog because readers invest their time in reading your content for a purpose — the “What’s in it for me” factor, but more on this later. For now, let’s talk a little about why website optimization works as well as it does.

Why website optimization works well

Like the readability, the purpose of search engine optimization is about helping your audience find your content while also improving their experience with your business. First, of course, your audience needs to find your content and they do that with search terms, which is where keywords come from. Keywords are the words that people are searching for most. The trick, though, is choosing the right keywords that have the right amount of search volume.

Here’s the thing, if you choose only those keywords that have the highest search volume, you’re likely going to have a hard time ranking well with them. That’s because many other businesses and websites are also using those terms as a ranking factor in their content. However, the opposite is also true. Choose a keyword with minimal search volume and you might not garner much, if any, visitors if too few people are searching for those keywords. So, you have to find a balance — choose a keyword that ranks well with search volume, but not so high you struggle to compete. However, as mentioned before, keywords are just the start of it.


Optimizing your title tags and subheadings, but keeping them interesting for readability is also a factor for your SEO. Yoast, in WordPress, offers a great way to check your content via a color-coded button. Green is optimal. However, working on your content to get it just right often eats up a lot of time and if you’re unfamiliar with SEO tactics, you may have to dive deeper into learning them as well. That’s more time spent on learning how to market yourself and less time focusing on your business. Generally, the best approach is to contract SEO work out to an expert — someone who knows all the ins and outs of the SEO business, to hone your copy to perfection and leave you to do more important things.

Inserting internal and external hyperlinks is another feature to boost your SEO, but you can’t use just any link. It needs to make sense for your content. If you’re working on a piece of content focused on digital cameras, your links should relate to this. Use at least one internal link from your own site — this could be another blog on the topic or an ecommerce page, and one external link from an authority website on the same topic or general theme.

Meta descriptions are crucial, but many newer websites or blogs often underuse these, if they use them all. Keep meta descriptions short and interesting to highlight what your content is about, but don’t forget to use your main keyword in the description. That’s what further boosts your SEO. Aim for about 150 characters in length and that count should include all spaces between words.
Not everyone considers that alt image text, but you really should. Afterall, technology can be a beautiful thing, but it can also be a bane and plagued with glitches or other problems. If your image doesn’t appear on your users screen for some reason, or if members of your audience are visually impaired, alt text helps them better understand what the image displayed is about. Applying your keyword to this description, when possible, also helps the search engines to better classify and rank your content.


Finally, we arrive at search tags. Not everyone uses search tags and whether you should or shouldn’t is a controversial matter. Some digital marketers swear by them and others disagree with their importance. A search tag is a keyword that helps the search engine ‘file’ your content and these tags help users better find you. If you use them, tags should be meaningful and relevant to your content and website or blog
These are just a few of the organic SEO tactics available to help you rank better, get found more, and improve your content. But, as previously mentioned, SEO is a lot of work. So, should you DIY it or hire outside help? That depends on several factors.

DIY vs. hiring a website SEO expert

Optimizing your content for the search engines is time-consuming and requires SEO know-how, but if you get it right, it offers many benefits.


  • It builds your brand
  • Helps your audience better find your website or blog
  • Boosts your industry authority
  • Generates more leads
  • Garner more sales and more

Yes, great SEO can do wonders for your business and website, but get SEO wrong and all the time and effort you pour into it is wasted. So, could you do your own SEO? Of course! But, whether or not you should is another question. If you know a lot about SEO already, you have some experience working with it and, most important, you have the time to do it, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t. The problem is, most business owners and many busy bloggers lack the time needed to create a comprehensive or solid SEO plan. If that sounds like you, then the best solution is to consider hiring a website SEO expert.

A proven, website SEO expert has the skills and expertise to manage your content and website optimization needs. Hiring an expert frees up your time and lets you focus more on your business while letting someone else — someone with specific, focused knowledge, make your content or web copy shine.

Website copywriting services done right

Speaking about website copy, website copywriting services offer another way to boost visibility and generate interest. Again, though, copywriting is best left to an experienced and skilled copywriter. Copywriting is a form of marketing and sales. The right words intrigue and tantalize your customers. They speak to your customers in a way that resonates without coming off as too salesy or pushy. They guide and they entice your audience. To the right reader, the right words take them all the way through your sales funnel from general interest to — Ka-Ching!

Ever hear the old adage “Don’t try this at home”?

Well, this applies to copywriting as well. If you aren’t formally trained in copywriting or have the experience, it’s one of those things that’s best left to the professional. Good copy is like good SEO. It creates a great customer experience and can generate many leads and even sales. Bad copy, however, is a time and money waster. It has the potential to drive customers away from your website, not toward it — just the opposite of what you wanted to accomplish. So, in a nutshell, go with a proven expert in website copywriting services to ensure you always have the best copy available.

Build a better blog with content marketing

Like copywriting, content marketing helps your brand soar to new heights, but it also requires the touch of an expert. Never hire someone just because they love to write or think they can write or maybe they have a writing “hobby”. Doing so places your content marketing plan at risk of turning into a marketing mishap.

Content marketing is similar to blogging, but with several key differences that take a blog to the new levels. Content marketing applies SEO to a business blog. It uses all the right keywords, title tags, meta descriptions and more. Since blogs are also shareable, you can share it across your business social media channels and apply the right hashtags. This boosts visibility of the blog, but it also improves your brand and website visibility as well. In this way, content marketing has more potential to gain greater traction, appeal to an even wider audience and generate more interest in your business.

Save time with website content writing services

Content marketing is more than writing. It’s more than putting a few words together to describe something. Content marketing is telling a story about your brand in a way that entices your audience while also using SEO tactics to get your content found more and ranked higher.

With that said, content marketing can also fail. If you hire the wrong writer with unproven content marketing knowledge or skill, you might succeed. But, your efforts might also be in vain, too. Then you’ve also lost all the time, effort and money you’ve invested into your plan. Now, you have to hire an expert in website content writing services to rework the whole plan from the start — the right way. That’s frustrating and it happens more than you realize, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Lessen the frustration and maximize your investment in your business by hiring a professional, someone who specializes in website content writing services. Less fuss, less muss, and improved website visibility. Cleaner, tighter, better content marketing copy each time, every time.

Whether your website needs a boost of copywriting for landing pages or service pages, an improved blog that hones in on content marketing, or website optimization services, SEO truly is the way to go. But, it’s also easy to get SEO wrong, usually, that means hiring the wrong person for the job. You wouldn’t want an unproven, first-year medical student performing open heart surgery on you. Your brand and content are also important. Your content is the very heart of your brand’s voice to your customers. It must do more than exist. It must beat. It must shine. It must excel. Every word written for your brand must work hard to earn its place and you can only accomplish that with a professional, like the team at Radiata.

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Good design is obvious Great design is Transparent


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