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What is Website and App Design?

Website Design

Web design involves many different applications in the production of building a site. The different aspects of web design include web graphic design, user interface (UI) design, user experience (UX) design, implementing front and back end code, plugins, and search engine optimization.

A well-designed site is one of the most critical components of your digital presence. According to web design statistics, 94% of first impressions are actually design-related. In fact, 75% of consumers base their opinion of an e-commerce website on design alone. A site that’s professionally designed can boost website conversion rates up to 400%.

In case you are wondering, “How long does a website have to make an impression?” – The answer is 10 seconds.

App Design

App design combines the user interface and user experience. While UI determines the overall style of the app, UX focuses on the functionality and usability.

Users are quick to abandon an app that either does not work properly or is not visually appealing. This is why it’s essential to invest time and effort in creating a great user experience. The better the design, the greater chance that users will engage with your app – thus making them want keep using it!

How do we apply it?

We use WordPress, a leading platform in its industry as the foundation. We spend time with you to discuss all aspects of your brand to ensure your vision translates beautifully, and concisely to your audience. We strive to build a product that you and your customers will love.

  • Choose from thousands of WordPress themes
  • Apply expert UX/UI designs
  • Responsive designs (mobile & tablet friendly)
  • Provide products that are in line with your brand
  • Implement latest design trends
  • Post-launch testing and evaluation

Why it’s Right for You

Recent statistics have shown us that people are becoming more and more visually inclined. Just like picking out a good book or a bottle of wine, we’re seeing that people do in fact judge a book by its cover. By taking the time to create a visually stunning website (in addition to its clear and easy functionality), ultimately pays off in the long run. Ensure your customers feel at home right from the moment they land on your homepage or open your app.

A unique and quality website attracts customers
Responsive designs that adapt to all devices
Quick and reliable implementation
Stand out from your competitors

Faster loading website for users to navigate
Offering a mobile app platform improves engagement
Modernizing your user experience fosters growth
Keep your digital presence relevant

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