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What is Metaverse Marketing?

Virtual reality opens the door to the next evolution of marketing by showcasing your webpage content in three dimensions with doors to other spaces and worlds.

  • Be first in this space to gain advantage in pricing – space value goes up over time
  • Run unlimited events and marketing through your “metaverse storefront” to all Quest users (now over 11 million in the US)
  • Build in VR organic lead form to track users

Bringing your business into this growing space is the first step to harnessing the power of Metaverse Marketing. People will look back to this moment like they did with the “.com” era. We are here to help companies take their business into the next era of marketing.


Radiata Solutions is partnered with its sister company VEDX Solutions to promote the first and largest three dimensional city on stand-alone VR headsets called Infiniverse. This city has 450,000 users and 200+ businesses already in operation.

  • More storefronts beyond your included one available for purchase through Radiata
  • Discovery menu to promote your events and business
  • Collect leads or online purchases direct from Virtual Reality experience

Virtual Reality is the next frontier for marketing. Radiata and its unique positioning allows early entry into these emerging worlds – cities, districts, and guilds. The goal is to connect these various places through portals that let consumers move freely, select goods and services, and purchase on the spot with a click of a button in virtual reality.

It is no wonder that Facebook changed its name to Meta. This “Web 3” evolution brings e-commerce, 3D immersive worlds and blockchains together. Radiata is helping lead the charge with VEDX.


Tour the Infiniverse

The Infiniverse is a virtual reality platform that enables users to create and explore infinite virtual spaces. This virtual world is constantly expanding as new users purchase real estate and open virtual storefronts for their businesses. Whether you’re looking for a place to meet new people or find new customers, the Infiniverse has something for everyone.

Your Subscription Details

Through our partnership with VEDX Solutions, we have access to VR Developers, 22 other VR companies, and metaverse marketing solutions to bring your business into the Metaverse.

  • Setup your subscription above
  • Meet with our team to train on the dashboard
  • Decide on any 3D assets and apply our expert UX/UI designs
  • Discuss your digital marketing strategy with your 2D website and match in 3D
  • Schedule your marketing launch date
  • Receive your deep link for 2D social media to your 3D storefront
  • Post-launch testing and evaluation of your storefront along with consultation on your calendar of events on the new “Infiniverse Discovery Menu”
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Metaverse Marketing Packages

First Mover Advantages

Remember the success of the early adopters of Web 2? The VR marketing realm is growing exponentially with businesses reserving their storefronts and calendars for their brand. Early adopters will be locked into their locations and those digital locations will grow in value as more move into the city, much like real-estate value. Do not get left behind wishing you had jumped in.

High quality website matched with VR Storefront

Stand out from your competitors

Deep links to navigate between 2D and 3D

Content optimization in your storefront

Stay relevent with the Metaverse strategy

With Radiata, you will receive a citizen passport

Don’t get left behind!

Contact us today to schedule
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help build your business in the Metaverse.

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