According to Moz, Google updates its algorithm between approximately 500 and 600 times a year. With the constantly moving target of the algorithm, content creators may wonder, rightfully, whether they can keep up. There’s good reason for concern; with Google’s position as the world’s preferred search engine, their algorithm can mean the world of difference for your business’ website. If you’re worried about your website being knocked down or even off of the first search engine results page for Google, you’re not alone. Fortunately, your small business digital marketing company will use these tools to ensure your content remains at the top of Google’s food chain.

Use a Small Business Digital Marketing Team

Your digital marketing team should include SEO experts. Their job is to make sure that your website is constantly updated and optimized with new content that meets the regulations of Google’s latest algorithm, thus allowing web users to find your content. If you have any concerns about your website’s content, ask your SEO team about their plan moving forward. They should be able to ease your mind!

Monitor Your Metadata

Google’s algorithms are constantly updated to exclude as much metadata as possible, but it’s not always possible. You can use some metadata legitimately to improve your search engine position. Your agency will make sure you’re not just SEO-bombing with tag info and other cheap tactics. Those are easy to tune against, and your web presence can find its ranking plummeting if you use those and other “black hat” techniques.

Make Sure Your Updates are Credible

SEO updates are great for your business, its visibility, and its profits, but you need to make sure that they’re legitimate! If your updates turn out to be based on rumors that aren’t true, you can not only get in legal trouble but worse: your SEO will be damaged.

Change Your Website One Step at a Time

Major website renovations should be done in stages. If your website changes everything all at once, your search engine ranking may take a big hit. Changing everything at once can make it impossible to see where your SEO changes are coming from. Thankfully, the digital marketing team you hire will understand that moving slowly is better for your business.

Google SEO ranking is a difficult and technical subject. Your business digital marketing team can help you get your website working for your business and improve your ranking and your sales today. To learn more about how we stay on top of Google’s algorithm changes, contact Radiata Solutions today!