Creating the look and layout of your website is no simple or small decision. In fact, it can play a major role in the overall success of your website in the future. It takes only 0.05 seconds, or 50 milliseconds for a visitor to form an opinion about a website when visiting it for the first time, according to Kinesis. With such a limited time to make a lasting impression, it’s no wonder the look and aesthetic of a website are so important today. Let’s take a look at how your website’s look can get you potential customers.

Establish Your Brand’s Identity

The look of your website can help you to establish your brand’s identity. When visitors first land on your website, they will be greeted with your logo and chosen color scheme. Your logo should appear professional and help others to remember what your website is about or the products, services, and information it offers. Using your website’s layout can help others to memorize more information about your business for future reference.

Use the Same Color Scheme Across All Channels

Along the same lines as using a professionally designed logo, it’s also highly recommended to use the same chosen color scheme across all online digital marketing channels. Whether you are promoting your brand on Facebook, Twitter, or even on your official website or blog, you should do so with the same visual elements, logos, and colors in mind. Doing so can help people recognize your company faster.

Appeal to Emotion

Color psychology is a practice applied in marketing both online and off. Appealing to emotion with the use of specific colors can have a significant impact on how others view and interpret your brand. For example, the color blue is indicative of being friendly and welcoming, whereas green indicates shopping, spending money, and even eco-friendly brands. Orange is useful for creative endeavors, while red is ideal for warnings, alerts, and other show-stopping advertisements you might consider. Familiarizing yourself with color theory in marketing can help significantly in creating successful campaigns, both online and off.

Create a Memorable Layout

A memorable layout will help visitors to remember your website, which may increase return visitors as well as referrals to others in the future. With a fast-loading website and the right web hosting support, you can also retain visitors and reduce your website’s bounce rate.

Whether you’re building a website for a startup or an existing business, choosing the look and layout of your online presence can go a long way. Are you searching for web hosting support? We can help! Visit our website to learn more about the web hosting support services we provide today.